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Parimatch Offer: Get a chance to win 2,70000 in Virtual Cricket Tournament

Parimatch Offer: Get a chance to win 2,70000 in Virtual Cricket Tournament

  • Participate in Virtual cricket tournament and win Rs 2,70,000.
  • More information are available on the landing website.
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Parimatch Offer: Get a chance to win more than 32 lakh in Indian Jackpot

Parimatch Offer: Get a chance to win more than 32 lakh in Indian Jackpot

  • Get a chance to win more than 32 lakh in Indian Jackpot
  • More information are available on the landing website.
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Parimatch Offer: Get Welcome Bonus up to Rs 12000

Parimatch Offer: Get Welcome Bonus up to Rs 12000

  • Get a welcome bonus of up to Rs 12000.
  • 150% will be rewarded as welcome bonus of your first deposit.
  • More information are available on the landing website.
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About Parimatch

Parimatch is an international sports betting company with headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus, founded in 1994. Parimatch is a modern betting site with a unique interface and layout that makes it easy and fun to place bets on your favorite sports. Parimatch makes it easy for Indian players to deposit via UPI and provides a great sportsbook, but especially their virtual sports section is incredible. Parimatch is a popular betting brand. Its clients are offered major sporting events, casino games, live dealers, poker, and other betting options.


1  Parimatch collects Player’s Information to:

Enable Parimatch to set up Player’s Account so that he can make full use of all of the features of the Services, including placing bets and playing games;

Enable Parimatch to receive questions and comments from Player through Parimatch’s Online Help Centre, and for Parimatch to be able to respond to them;

Comply with relevant regulations regarding Player’s registration, for example completing age verification checks; and

to keep Player informed of future events, offers, and promotions from Parimatch.

In addition to the broad purposes identified in paragraph 1 above, Parimatch will only use Player’s Information, including sharing information with Parimatch’s third-party partners and subcontractors who process data (including, where appropriate, Player’s Information) on Parimatch’s behalf, for:

setting up, operating, and managing Player’s Account;

providing any of the Services which are requested of Parimatch, and for any proper purpose connected with such provision;

verifying the accuracy of Player’s Information, including disclosure of such information to third parties (including financial institutions, age verification, and credit reporting agencies) in connection with such purposes (a record of the search will be retained and the third party may use the information to assist other companies for verification purposes);

preparing statistics related to the use of the Services by You and other customers;

to prepare and display appropriate individualized marketing material and content;

periodically sending account holders written communications to announce important service changes, technical issue updates, and changes to the Set of Rules (which includes this Privacy Policy);

conforming to legal requirements or complying with legal processes or acting to protect the interests of sporting bodies or other qualified bodies;

the investigation of suspected unlawful, fraudulent, or other improper activity connected with the Services;

the reporting of a crime or suspected crime, including money laundering or any fraud; and

any other purpose which is necessary for the performance of Parimatch’s contractual obligations to Player.

2 Parimatch will not send Player unsolicited information regarding any third-party commercial offers or advertisements.

3 Parimatch may use Players’ username and/or first name and region for advertising or promotional purposes.

4 Telephone calls to and from Parimatch’s Customer Services Department are recorded for training and security purposes.

5 Parimatch may transfer Player’s Information if Parimatch transfers or sells Parimiatch’s business or any part of it; including in the event of insolvency.

6 If at any time Player wishes Parimatch to stop processing Player’s Information for the above purposes, then Player must contact Parimatch and Parimatch will take the appropriate steps to stop doing so.

General terms & conditions

1 The Betting company accepts bets on sports and other events (referred to as events from now on). All bets are accepted according to the current rules. The bettor must be familiar with all rules and must agree with them.

2 The Betting company can amend and supplement the present rules, provisions, and payout methods without prior personal notice. The terms of the previously placed wagers remain unchanged while all subsequent wagers are subject to the changed rules.

3 Registration, the opening of deposit account, and wagering are allowed only for persons with a minimum age of 18. The Clients are responsible for checking that online betting is allowed in the countries where they live. The Clients are responsible for giving information about winnings and losses to their local authorities if necessary.

4 The Betting company assumes that the information given by the Client during registration is completely correct. The Betting company accepts no responsibility if the Client provides the Betting company with wrong information.

To prevent cheating and other conflicts, the Betting company may request the Clients to provide their identification (documents, passport) to verify the information the Client has presented during registration. The Client agrees to submit all necessary documentation during registration if requested by the Betting company.

5 In cases of possible cheating connected to finance operations and placing wagers, the guilty will be taken to respond even to the extent of the criminal process.

6 Opening of account and deposit on account will be made according to the appropriate rules.

7 The payouts are made according to the appropriate rules.

8 The Clients accept complete responsibility for keeping their password and account information secret. The Betting company guarantees that the information concerning the Client is kept secret. The Betting company takes no responsibility if the information is disclosed to a third party. Any operations confirmed with the login/gaming account number and the gaming account holder's password are valid and official. The only restriction is the balance on the gaming account. If the Client believes that the given information is lost, he/she can contact the Betting company administrator and request a change of the current password.

9 The betting company does not accept any responsibility for damage or losses caused by the use of the site or by the contents of the site. The same applies to the use or misuse of the site contents by any person, inability to be connected to the site, inability to use the site, delays in site functioning or data transmitting, failures in communication lines or to any mistakes, typing errors, or omissions in the contents of the site.

10 Rules of kinds of sports have priority about the general rules.

11 Even though Parimatch makes every effort to ensure that the site content is correct, all data on the current course of events are for informational purposes only. Parimatch accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies in the current score or time of the match. Parimatch recommends that you always use alternative sources of information.

How Long Does it Take to Withdraw from Parimatch?

Money withdrawal from a Parimatch account usually is a quick process. It is nearly instant for most payment systems, while with banks the process may take up to 48 hours.

If there are technical problems with withdrawal, the money is transferred back into the user’s account. If the withdrawal hasn’t been processed within 12 hours, contact our support team.

Withdrawal Methods

Similar to depositing funds, there are several ways to withdraw money from Parimatch.

The money should be withdrawn using the same payment method as your deposit.

Note that it’s impossible to withdraw money using payment methods belonging to other people, including relatives.

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