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Fan2Play Offer: Get up to Rs. 50 on your Refer to Friends

Fan2Play Offer: Get up to Rs. 50 on your Refer to Friends

  • Earn upto Rs. 50 on your refer to friends and family.
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Fan2Play Offer: Get 2x sign up bonus for new user

Fan2Play Offer: Get 2x sign up bonus for new user

  • Get 2x sign up bonus for new users on their first deposit.
  • Bonus amount is up to Rs. 1000.
  • More information are available on the landing website.
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Why is Fan2Play most popular?

Play Fantasy Cricket this season on Fan2Play and taste the winning feeling.

India’s Quickest Fantasy Game

Create your teams with 2/3/4 Players to enjoy Fantasy Gaming

Play 100% Bonus and Free Entry Contests

Play Free Entry Contests and use 100% of your sign-up bonus to join contests

50% higher chances of winning

Fan2play offers you 50% chances of winning every single time. Stop thinking, Download the app NOW

Instant 200% Welcome Bonus

Get 200% welcome bonus up to INR 1000 on your First Deposit

Lowest Credit Scores

In Fan2Play’s 11-Player game, you will find the lowest Credit Scores for all the players

Best Customer Support

Fan2Play’s dedicated Support Team answers your KYC or Withdrawal queries across email and social handles

Fantasy Sports

A fantasy sport is a type of game, often played on a fantasy gaming app using the Internet, where participants assemble imaginary or virtual teams composed of proxies of real players of a professional sport. These fantasy teams compete based on the statistical performance of those players in actual games. This performance is converted into points that are compiled and totalled according to a roster selected by each fantasy team’s manager. These point systems can be simple enough to be manually calculated by a “league commissioner” who coordinates and manages the overall league, or points can be compiled and calculated using computers tracking actual results of the professional sport. In fantasy sports, team owners draft, trade and cut (drop) players, analogously to real sports.

Fan2Play is an online Fantasy Game platform for all fantasy freaks, built with a mission to redefine the world of Fantasy Sports and introducing a unique way of playing and enjoying Fantasy Sports. Fan2Play is a Fantasy gaming contest where players choose own team/s and challenge each other.

With Fan2Play, one is not only concerned with picking a complete playing XI. Here you can also create your team consisting of 2 or 3 or 4 players and you are all set to take the panga.


Participation in Fan2Play is open only to persons currently residing in India.

The minimum age for creating/accepting challenge(s) is 18 years. Age verification will be performed when user submits his/her PAN Card.

A valid email address is mandatory to participate.

Only those Participants who have successfully registered on the Website or the App(s) in accordance with the procedure outlined above shall be eligible to participate in a Challenge and earn winnings.

Fan2Play, in accordance with the laws prevailing in Indian states of Sikkim, Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu or Nagaland, according to which these states bar persons from participating in games of skill where participants are required to pay to participate, has barred individuals residing in those states from playing PAID GAMES Fan2Play. In case, amid detailed audits on the end of Fan2Play any user is found to be a resident of any of the aforementioned states and is found to be hiding it from Fan2Play at the time of registration then actions mentioned earlier including (but not limited to) block, account reset, account deletion or deactivation shall be initiated. In the event that the state laws of Indian states of Sikkim, Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu or Nagaland change and the residents of these states are allowed to participate in the paid versions of Game of Skills, the users who were blocked earlier for being a resident of these states, shall be treated as new registrations. However, in no case, any previous winnings shall be taken up for consideration and any claim of such sort will not be entertained whatsoever.


In order to register for the Challenge(s), Participants are required to provide the following information accurately:

  • E-mail address

  • Password

  • State/Province

  • Mobile

The people participating in activities, services or features provided by Fan2Play are required to provide their approval stating they have carefully read all the terms and conditions and will comply with all the rules, regulations and terms of use of Fan2Play.

The participants, who are resident of Sikkim, Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu or Nagaland, shall not be permitted to play paid game on Fan2Play. They can play free games on the platform but will not be allowed to make any sort of transactions on the platform.

In case of audits from Fan2Play, if a user is found to be a resident of Sikkim, Assam, Odisha, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu or Nagaland but not stated at the time of registration then Fan2Play at its sole and absolute discretion holds the rights to take action against such user including (not limited to) blocking of user account, deletion or deactivation of user account, and reset the user account to base/initial level by deleting all the logs, refers & reducing the amount present in the User Account to “zero.”

The eligible participants (who are above the age of 18 years) who have successfully completed their registration process by entering valid and adequate information in the registration form are sent a confirmation email comprising their login details.

In case of PAN card verification, any scanned image of a photocopy of the users’ PAN card will not be acceptable. For PAN card verification it is mandatory to upload a full image of the original PAN card.

In case, the user is uploading an E-PAN card for PAN card verification process then it is mandatory to upload a full scanned image of the E-PAN card (both front and back).


The Challenge amount is refunded under the following circumstances:

If the challenge card of the teams are not accepted by any of the opponent.

If the match is cancelled for which the card was created. This includes scenarios where the match is abandoned after it has started or the match is abandoned without a single ball being bowled.

Any amount once added to the Fan2Play account of user can’t be refunded back to the user in any case, and the amount can be used to create or accept challenges organized by Fan2Play.

The individuals using the services provided by Fan2Play are not permitted to cancel any transaction which has been once confirmed.

Fan2Play reserves the rights to refund the transaction amount to the user in the above mentioned case at its sole and absolute discretion post deducting applicable cancellation charges and taxes. Further, during the transaction process, the users must take note of the additional terms and conditions which significantly govern the transaction. In an event wherein the clauses defined in additional terms and conditions conflict with the present Terms and Conditions defined by Fan2Play, the additional terms, and conditions associated with transactions shall prevail. The refund is only applicable to the amount used to create or accept a challenge and shall be refunded to the Fan2Play User Account source, as deducted.


In respect of any transactions entered into on the Fan2Play platform, including making a payment to participate in the paid challenge(s), users agree to be bound by the following payment terms:

The payment of pre-designated amount Users make to participate in the challenge(s) is inclusive of the pre-designated platform fee for access to the Fan2Play Services charged by Fan2Play and pre-determined participant’s contribution towards winnings.

The Fan2Play reserves the right to charge a Challenge Entry Amount, which would be specified and notified by Fan2Play on the Challenge page, being created on Fan2Play platform, prior to a User’s joining of such Challenge. The Challenge Entry Amount (inclusive of applicable tax thereon) will be debited from the User’s account balance.

The User may participate in a Challenge wherein the User has to contribute a pre-specified contribution towards the Winnings of such Challenge, which will be passed on to the Winner(s) of the Challenge after the completion of the Challenge as per the terms and conditions of such Challenge.

In order to ensure statutory compliance under section 269SU of the Income tax Act, Fan2Play strictly encourages payments by payees to Fan2Play’s bank accounts through electronic modes viz. Paytm, the details of which are reflected on Fan2Play’s payment platform.

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